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MUMBAI: Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural Women’s Premier League (WPL) season earlier this year, Capri Sports-owned U.P. Warriorz, is poised to bring forth the narrative of women’s cricket with a docuseries that showcases the squad in an up-close and real manner, highlighting the magical moments, triumphs of the season, formidable challenges, breakthroughs, and inspiring journeys from the heartland of India and internationally.

This docuseries, co-produced by ART&M and Victory Sports Media, aims to inspire sportswomen and women in general across all spheres in their ongoing journeys of striving towards social and economic change. Award-winning filmmaker Arlene Nelson will be directing the U.P. Warriorz docuseries.

“In the current zeitgeist, a global groundswell is propelling female protagonists to the forefront. The docuseries embraces this momentum and allows me to weave a rich narrative where resilient women athletes emerge as trailblazers. I’m honoured to be entrusted with the telling of this universal story that I believe is destined to captivate audiences worldwide,” said Arlene Nelson.

With the Women’s Premier League (WPL) currently valued at $150 million and the Capri Sports-owned U.P. Warriorz franchise contributing significantly to this valuation, the docuseries serves not only as a testament to the prowess of women in sports but also as a strategic investment in the burgeoning landscape of women’s cricket.

Scheduled to be shot from November 2023 to April 2024, the docuseries aims to capture the entirety of the team’s journey, from the intense preparation phase to the heart of the tournament. The timing ensures an immersive experience for viewers, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution and dedication of the U.P. Warriorz.

Captain Alyssa Healy, expressing her enthusiasm, stated, “I believe this docuseries marks a revolutionary moment for women’s sports, offering a fresh perspective that could reshape public perception of women’s cricket.”

Jinisha Sharma, U.P Warriorz Team Owner and director – of Capri Sports concluded, “Our docuseries isn’t just capturing the heart of cricket; it’s amplifying the voices of women who are catalysts for change. U.P. Warriorz is proud to showcase not just their athletic prowess but their ability to impact society and business positively—a milestone that reverberates far beyond the field.

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