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The UK’s shortest railway line takes just nine minutes from start to finish. The Overground line is made up of just three stations and runs alongside a bus route that makes the same journey.

The reason why this Overground exists is because it is one of the few lines in London which is a single track where trains can only travel at 30mph.

The small yet remarkable line starts at a platform close to the side of Romford station. Currently referred to as platform number one, it was a completely different station when it opened in 1893.

In the past, passengers would have to leave the station and enter Romford station to change trains.

Furthermore, according to MyLondon, the little line is trapped because the only connection to other railway lines is a single connection to platform two.

However, this means that trains are only able to move easily from the line that takes you to Liverpool Street not from Liverpool Street. As a result, in order to get to the line from Liverpool Street trains have to move to platform three and reverse across tracks to a signal near platform two and then connect to the line.

Normally, this is carried out in the mornings, but it is reportedly a confusing and expensive thing to change for such a small line.

Furthermore, the fast lines through Romford are full and building an extra connection could have an effect on fast trains.

The changes that would have to be made would cost Transport for London (TfL) millions for little benefit. Figures suggest just 638,445 people used the Overground route to Romford out of 9.3 million passengers who used Greater Anglia and TfL Rail before the pandemic.

One of the quirks of this short line is that it takes passengers to Emerson Park, a small station that allows people from Harold Wood, Ilford, and Chadwell Heath to access Basildon, Lakeside, and Grays.

Alongside this short overground stretch is the 370 bus route which in 2021 was more expensive than the trainline it followed.

While the short train line is unique to London, one of the stations it serves could see disruption this Christmas.

c2c, who run trains into Upminster, has revealed there will be no service on Christmas Eve, December 27, and New Year’s Day until 2.30pm. They said rail replacement bus services would take people to and from Grays.

In a statement, Rob Mullen, c2c’s managing director said: “Network Rail’s orange army will be working hard over the festive season to keep the railway running reliably for passengers.

“We’re encouraging our customers to plan ahead, check before they travel and be flexible with their plans.”

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