The best countries in the world for retired British expats in 2024 | Travel News | Travel

Dreamed of spending the golden years overseas? A new ranking from the expert team at has named the world’s best countries for retired British expats.

The team looked at the price of housing, the cost of living, the climate, level of development and healthcare to create the final ranking. They spoke to expats living in each of the destinations to find out what life is really like for retirees.

While Spain is usually the leading destination for retired British expats, it didn’t take the top spot on the ranking. However, with a diverse range of countries from dreamy beach hotspots to bustling cities on the list, expats might be tempted to branch out.

British expats will need to check the visa requirements to move abroad and retirees will need to speak to an expert about their UK pension.

So where are the best countries in the world for British expats to live in 2024?

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