The National Resident Matching Program has released some of the data resulting from the 2022 Match and HERE ARE THE RESULTS!!!


The overall trend of the 2022 NRMP Match:

The largest match in history! 

The number of available positions set an all-time high of 39,205 total spots offered. Up from 38,106 in 2021, 37,256 in 2020, 35,185 in 2019, and approximately 33,000 spots in 2018. 

On the other side, the number of applicants went down about 2% in 2022, with a total of 47,675 participants. Of that, US Seniors went up slightly for both MD and DO applicants, up 78 and 234, respectively. There is thought lingering COVID/travel concerns likely effected international medical graduates more than US seniors. US and Non-US IMG participants decreased by 1433 this year.

PGY-1/first year positions were also the most ever in 2022. There were 1083 additional spots added this year, for a total of 36277 (35,194 positions in 2021).

After slightly down year in 2021 with regards to match rates, 2022 proved to be show a rebound and set a new all time record for US DO seniors:

  • US MD Seniors matched at 92.9% – up 0.1% from 2021.
  • US DO Seniors matched at 91.3% – up 2.2% from 2021.
  • Couples match rates were at 93.7% – up 0.3% from 2021.
  • US FMGs matched at 61.4% – up 1.9% from 2021.
  • Non-US IMGs matched at 58.1% – up 3.3% from 2021.
  • Total applicants matched at 80.1% – up 1.6% from 2021.

Are these increases the result of COVID-19 chaos of 2020/2021 finally resolving?! Will the gap between US MD and US DO continue to shrink – it sure looks like it!!!





Medicine – Emergency Medicine, Medicine – Pediatrics, Interventional Radiology (Integrated), Neurological Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Physical Medicine & Rehab, Plastic Surgery (Integrated), Radiology – Diagnostic, Thoracic Surgery, and Vascular Surgery all filled 100% of their spots.

Judging by US senior (MD and DOs) match rates, the most competitive specialties were Medicine – Emergency Medicine (100% US Seniors), Medicine – Pediatrics (94.6%), Interventional Radiology (Integrated) (92.9%), Orthopedic Surgery (93.3%), and Otolaryngology (93.3%)

In comparison, specialties filling their positions with <50% US seniors included only Pathology in 2022 – although it still achieved a 98% fill rate.

Very similar to previous years, overall US seniors matched at a rate of around 92% to first-year positions, but as noted above the DO aspect has continued it’s rise to now near-equivalency with allopathic seniors. 


International Medical Grads/Foreign Medical Grads (IMG/FMG):

For US IMGs, there were 5,084 2022 applicants, down from 5,295 applicants in 2021. Their 61.4% match rate was back up after a lower 59% rate in 2021. The US IMG match rate was only 54.8% as recently as 2017.

For Non-US FMGs, there were 7,864 2022 participants, down from 7,943 participants up from in 2021. Their 58.1% match rate improved significantly from 2021’s 54.8% match rate.


The Year of Primary Care?!:

The 2022 Match saw a record number of positions offered in primary care. Of the 36,277 first-year positions, 50% were in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medicine – Pediatrics, Medicine – Primary, or Pediatrics – Primary.

64.6% of these primary care positions were filled with US Seniors. DO seniors really lead the growth, with increased matches in Family Medicine (54 positions, 3.6% increase), Internal Medicine (120 positions, 8.1% increase) and Pediatrics (61 positions, 11.8% increase) for 2022.

Other increases in non-primary care positions offered were most prominent in Anesthesia (4.5% increase), Emergency Medicine (8.1% increase),  OB-GYN (4.1% increase), Surgery – Categorical (4.5% increase), Transitional Year (4.5% increase).

Only Prelim – Surgery saw a significant decrease in positions offered, with 3.2% less spots in 2022.


There were 2,263 positions offered via the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program. This was up 335 spots compared to 2021. 97.2% of these were first-year positions. The additional spots filled via the SOAP are NOT reflected in the numbers and percentages discussed regarding the primary Match above. The SOAP results will be released with a full Match statistics report in May.



Another year of growth in the match and a rebound in match rates after a down year in 2021! Overall, the data suggests continued high levels of success for US medical students and overall match rates between MD and DOs have essentially become equivalent for the first time!

For IMG/FMGs, the numbers are still fairly strong compared to the past but are unfortunately still only a little better than a coin flip. For pre-meds, this information is extremely important when evaluating your future match prospects if considering international/Caribbean medical school options.



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