New maps show 40C heatwave battering Europe | Travel News | Travel

Winds from North Africa are pushing up temperatures in southern Europe to scorching levels, as the death toll caused by the hot weather continues to rise.

Weather maps by WXCharts, which uses MetDesk data, suggest several holiday hotspots loved by British tourists will continue to be gripped in a heatwave, with temperatures to be above 40C over the next fortnight.

Next Wednesday, most areas of Spain and Portugal are set to see temperatures rise to the mid and late 30s, with maps turning black in the Sevilla area as the mercury is forecasted to hit 42C.

Southern Italy, Turkey, the Balkans and Greece, already baking under the scorching sun, will continue to experience extreme heat into July, as a weather map for July 9 shows.

Several Italian cities have already issued heat warnings as temperatures are forecasted to go beyond 39C.

Earlier this month, Greek authorities shut down the Acropolis in Athens, where there is no cover from the shade, due to the extreme weather.

The spiking temperatures in Greece have proven deadly for six tourists in recent weeks.

Experts and authorities are urging people to be careful when venturing outside during a heatwave, noting that age, fitness and health complications are factors that can have an impact on how the body reacts to the hot weather.

As the record-breaking heat that swept through Europe in 2023 reportedly killed around 61,000 people, British tourists heading south are urged to stay sheltered and hydrated.

William Spencer, climate and first aid product manager at the British Red Cross, highlighted some of the steps that can be taken to avoid conditions such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

He said, as reported on the Red Cross website: “We would advise people to plan ahead for the effects of heat on their trip, making sure they know how to recognise the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. They should also avoid activities in the middle of the day when temperatures are highest.

“Other safety tips include wearing sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and drinking less alcohol. You can also help keep wherever you’re staying cool by keeping blinds and windows closed during the hottest parts of the day.”

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