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Mooli or radish is abundant in winter season and among the superfoods that can power up the body to brave the season with its amazing nutritional profile. With its distinct sweet, spicy, and pungent flavour, mooli can be turned into an array of savoury preparations from paratha, sabzi, bhurji, cutlets, soups, to salads. As per Ayurveda, mooli is considered ushna or hot, which makes it ideal to consume during winter season. A storehouse of both soluble and insoluble fibre, radish is low calorie and is packed with calcium, magnesium and a variety of vitamins. Consuming radish regularly in winter can also keep your digestive health in top shape as it not only aids in breaking down your food quickly, but also in detoxification of the body. No wonder, this root vegetable is included in winter weight loss plans generously. (Also read | 4 no-oil pakora recipes to satiate winter cravings)

Consuming radish regularly in winter can also keep your digestive health in top shape as it not only aids in breaking down your food quickly, but also in detoxification of the body.(Pinterest)

“Radishes, also known as Raphanus sativus, belong to the Raphanus genus in the Brassicaceae family. They come in different colours, like white in Asia and red in Europe. The root gets its red colour from anthocyanin and has a pungent flavour from isocyanates. People mainly eat the root as salads or cooked with other veggies. The leaves and sprouts are also consumed in salads. Radishes are low in calories but rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. Researchers are also exploring their potential health benefits for conditions like hypertension and as antimicrobial and antioxidant agents,” says Anna Mariya Babu, Dietitian, Dept. Of Clinical Nutrition, Amrita Hospital, Kochi.

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Anna shares delicious ways to include mooli or radishes in your winter diet in an interview with HT Digital.

1. Baguette slices adorned with radishes and anchovy-infused butter

Ingredients: Unsalted butter, anchovy fillets, chives, salt, baguette slices, and radishes

Preparation: Mix butter, anchovies, chives, salt, and pepper. Spread it on baguette slices. Top with radish slices.

2. Radish green pesto

Ingredients: Pine nuts, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon juice, radish greens, basil, and olive oil.

Instructions: Blend pine nuts, garlic, salt, and pepper. Add lemon juice, radish greens, basil, and pulse. Drizzle in olive oil. Optional: Add Parmesan cheese.

3. Radish green soup

Ingredients: Butter, olive oil, onion, salt, black pepper, garlic, potatoes, water, radish leaves, chicken stock, mustard, pepper, and heavy cream.

Preparation: Cook onions, salt, and pepper. Add potatoes and water. Cook, then add radish leaves and stock. Blend with cream, mustard, and cayenne. Serve with garnishes.

4. Citrus radish avocado platter

Ingredients: Radishes, orange, satsuma or tangerine, avocado, optional grapefruit, orange juice, zest, olive oil, lemon, fennel seeds, salt, and pepper.

Preparation: Slice radishes and toss with liquid. Arrange citrus slices and add radishes. Slice the avocado, toss in the dressing, and layer around the platter.

5. Radish paratha

For stuffing: Grated radish, salt, green chili, chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander leaves, coriander powder, dry mango powder

For dough: Whole wheat flour, salt, oil or ghee, water, and wheat flour for dusting.

Instructions: Prepare stuffing, knead dough, roll, and cook with oil or ghee.

6. Radish cream sauce

Ingredients: Radish, egg yolk, salted butter, fresh cream, lemon juice, red chilli powder, and salt

Preparation: Cream butter, beat in egg yolk, lemon juice, salt, and red chilli powder. Double-boil until thick; cool. Mix grated radish and cream. Garnish with mint leaves.

7. Summer radish salad

Ingredients: Sliced radishes, salt, red onion, cucumber, olive oil, white wine vinegar, fresh dill, garlic, and white sugar.

Preparation: Cut radish, cucumber, and onion. Toss with salt; wait 10 minutes. Whisk the olive oil, garlic, and sugar. Mix in veggies and refrigerate.

Health benefits of radish in winter

  • Rich in Vitamin C, radishes support the immune system during the winter months.
  • High fibre content aids digestion, preventing common winter digestive issues.
  • Potassium in radishes supports heart health, which is crucial during the winter season.
  • Antioxidants in radishes combat oxidative stress, helping protect the body from winter-related illnesses.
  • Radishes have warming properties, promoting circulation and warmth in the body during colder temperatures.
  • The presence of folate in radishes is beneficial for mental health, which can be vital during the winter blues.
  • Low in calories and fat, radishes are a healthy snack option to maintain winter weight.

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