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A 45ft waterfall, indoor garden, and robot bartender are just some of the features of an airport that’s re-opened after an extensive facelift.

Terminal 2 at Changi Airport in Singapore, which has previously been named the best airport in the world, is now also known for having the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

And it’s all thanks to a mammoth 3.5 year renovation believed to have cost $240million. The digital waterfall, named The Wonderfall, was made from 900 tiles and is surrounded by a vertical garden.

Continuing with the horticultural theme, there’s also an indoor garden to walk through plus the Dreamscape Garden, which features 20,000 plants and a ‘digital sky’ which changes colour throughout the day.

For some travellers, being delayed will be no problem as they immerse themselves in the terminal building, which is world’s away from the standard duty free shops at Heathrow and Gatwick.

The upper lounge Forest of Li Bai showcases 18 types of whiskey, while you can enjoy classic Singapore cuisine at the Gourmet Garden.

Travellers can stock up at the two-storey Lotte Duty-Free Wine and Spirits store, which has a robot bartender who serves underneath a LED light effect moon.

The renovation of Terminal 2 has seen 226,000sq ft added to the building.

Program director Lye Teck, said: “With T2, we sought to enhance the passenger experience, bringing together a modern terminal inspired by nature, with immersive digital experiences, innovative technology, as well as transformative retail and dining concepts that create a sense of place.”

More than 90million passengers travel through Changi Airport every year.

Named the best airport in the world by SkyTrax from 2013 to 2020, it has also received the accolade in the 2023 Awards.

Other attractions at this airport include the first transit-side swimming pool in the world, built in 1995.

A cinema and sports arena were added in 1998. There are slides, a hedge maze, 1,000 tropical butterflies and a forest walkway.

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