‘I’m a cruise expert and I know how to save you money on a holiday’ | Cruise | Travel

Looking to book a cruise holiday? A cruise expert has shared her top tips to save money on a holiday on the high seas.

Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy, has shared her best advice for holidaymakers looking to save on a trip.

Jenni said: “There are many routes you can take when booking a cruise, whether you choose to go through a travel agent, book online or book directly with the cruise line.

“It’s generally cheaper and easier to book with a travel agent, especially if you are a first time cruiser.

“Often they get access to special fares or packages with flights that aren’t readily available otherwise.”

‌A travel agent might be able to help holidaymakers access the best fares that can be a struggle to find on a cruise line’s website.

Travel agents will also sometimes get access to upgrades where holidaymakers can book a balcony cabin for a lower cost.

Jenni added: “However, you may also consider booking online if you’re happy to browse, as it will give you more time to compare cruises without the pressure to book.

“If you choose to book yourself, you may want to consider using an online comparison tool to make sure you’re getting the best deal.”

There are usually a lot of options when it comes to booking a cruise holiday and some tourists may find it a little overwhelming.

Jenni said: “The price of your cruise will be affected by optional extras, including a balcony room. While this can add a luxurious feel, especially if you’re on a scenic cruise, it also carries a much bigger price tag.

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