Gorgeous drive named England’s ‘most beautiful’ stretches along shimmering lakes | UK | Travel

The route was voted the most beautiful in the country by 22 percent of respondents and received an accolade on the travel blog windurshcardstorage.com.

The website reads: “Tied for the title of Britain’s most beautiful road, this enchanting stretch flows through the Lake District, flanked by Lakeland fells and skirting the banks of shimmering Lake Windermere.

“To drive it once is to be smitten for life, and you’ll be in good company – both William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge took inspiration for their poetry from this unforgettable landscape.”

The route stretches along the A591, going on for 30 miles, offering sweeping views to drivers. What’s more, owning a car isn’t a prerequisite for travelling the route. 

The hiking website topwalks.com has offered a detailed account of exactly how to get from Keswick to Kendal by foot, for those who have time to spare.

Furthermore, those looking to cut down on traffic can enjoy the route with Stagecoach’s 555 bus, which is “an ideal way to explore the Lake District without a car,” According to Two Tickets To.

“The 555 bus runs from Kendal to Keswick every hour, with regular stops including Windermere, Ambleside, and Grasmere,” the travel site adds.

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