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Dreaming of leaving the UK next year? Britons looking for a more affordable lifestyle and friendly local residents might want to consider a move to Bangkok in Thailand.

According to an InterNations Expat Insider survey, Bangkok is one of the most affordable cities in the world for British expats.

Over 85 percent of expats in Bangkok said their disposable income was more than enough to live a comfortable life. The majority said they were very satisfied with the general cost of living.

According to Numbeo, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in the Thai capital comes to just over £2 while a domestic beer is £1.79.

Rent for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre comes to under £550, making the Thai capital an affordable choice for many expats. In fact, Bangkok came out on top in the housing index, with expats saying it’s both affordable and easy to find.

The Thai capital also performed well when it came to settling in, with many expats finding local residents friendly and welcoming.

Expats also enjoyed a thriving social life with plenty of activities, restaurants and bars to keep new residents busy.

However, while expats found Bangkok affordable, they were less excited about the city’s work culture and career opportunities. Many felt the local business culture didn’t reward or encourage creativity.

Expats were also unhappy about the city’s air quality. Bangkok has struggled with air pollution and in January 2023, residents were encouraged to work from home due to the poor quality air.

According to IQAir, the air quality in Bangkok is currently 3.5 times higher than the WHO annual air quality guidelines.

The city’s urban environment was also poorly rated while 28 percent of expats felt they couldn’t express themselves openly.

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