Bring Back Bob! Village fury over sacking of Waitrose car park attendant | UK | Travel

The locals – including former Coronation Street star Charlie Lawson, 64, and retired Manchester United ace Willie Morgan, 79 – are calling for Bob Shaw to be reinstated.

Bob says he’s been accused of letting some people park for nothing at the supermarket in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

The £1 fee is refunded to people who spend £15 or more in-store.

Charlie, who played Corrie’s Jim McDonald, said: “Bob was a great asset to the village, our cars were secure, he’s just a very friendly guy. He looked after us, he lifted bags of shopping into cars for people – Bob would always know to look out for my dogs when I came to the supermarket.

“This is all just a stupid load of bloody nonsense.” Gaynor Morgan, who started a “Bring Back Bob” campaign, said: “The people here trust him so much they leave their kids in the car while they nip into the shop.”

Bob, 65, has been employed for eight years by Bournemouth-based Britannia Parking, which runs the car park for Waitrose.

It said: “We’re unable to comment on the specific details of our investigation.”

Waitrose said it was “aware of a number of inaccurate rumours on social media”.

Bob, who is suspended pending the result of the probe, said: “I’ve been told one of the complaints is that I’ve been letting people park for free, while another is that someone said they overheard me swearing.

“I can only think that would be when I’m talking about Man United – you do get frustrated about that!”

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