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Tucked away in the Azores region of Portugal, between mainland Europe and Eastern America, the island of Pico remains largely untouched by tourists despite its mountain-studded scenery.

The picturesque spot offers miles of crystal-clear sea and gorgeous black lava rocks thanks to its volcanic origins.

Although there are no beaches, natural pools are abundant on the island, including the Piscina Natural Criação Velha to the West. Head here for a peaceful swim and breathtaking views of Mt. Pico.

Adventurous tourists may wish to climb the mountain itself – one of the Atlantic’s highest – and can do so via its multiple trails.

Mt Pico’s peak offers panoramic scenes of the region and is accessible annually, though it’s best in the early summer.

Sea life is plentiful in Pico, which is thought to be one of the best places to spot whales worldwide, with hundreds migrating there annually

Whale – and dolphin – watching is possible all year round, although the peak months are April to October. Visitors could spot up to 20 different species, including sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Some companies even offer visitors the chance to swim with these dolphins.

Pico’s unique vineyards were awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2004 – why not pay them a visit whilst you’re there?

The vines run alongside the ground in Pico’s vineyards, enclosed in walls of black rock, making for a dramatic sight.

Wine museums are a must-visit for budding sommeliers. Adega A Buraca offers a unique insight into the local winemaking process, as well as offering tasting sessions.

Pico is home to some of the region’s best food, boasting an abundance of traditional regional food. Visit O Petisca in Madalena for fresh fish and local octopus, or try Taberna do Canal for a more casual dining experience.

For accommodation, tourists can rent their own villa for a truly private experience, and hotel rooms are available across the island.

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