Want to drive Genesis’ new supercar? Here’s how

Genesis has lifted the veil on its latest concept, which Gran Turismo players can drive from January 2024.

The X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept was created as part of Polyphony Digital’s Vision Gran Turismo Series, and was revealed as a full-scale model at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona.

Its hybrid system incorporates a front mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine which is assisted by a Yasa electric motor and Genesis’ electric supercharger technology.

The V6 engine can reach 10,000 RPM and deliver maximum output figures of 649kW of power and 1071Nm of torque. The Yasa E Motor can produce 150kW and 266Nm.

Genesis claims total system outputs of 799kW of power and 1337Nm of torque.

The concept has been aerodynamically designed, and Genesis claims it has a drag coefficient of 0.34.

“Our goal was to create a timeless design rooted in the essence of motorsport,” said Genesis senior chief designer, John Krsteski.

“We have an incredibly diverse global design team that are car and racing enthusiasts. The designers relished the opportunity to create a race car that featured Genesis design elements as well as technical performance attributes. It has become a catalyst of inspiration for our other programs.”

Genesis describes the vehicle’s grand tourer design language as “pure and muscular”. At the front, it has a version of the brand’s trademark crest grille. The headlights trace the outline of the grille and meet on either side to replicate Genesis’ dual-strip headlight design.

There are two air intakes on the bonnet which fold into the grille section.

The front bumper has two rectangular-shaped air intakes which meet the pointed light bar on the front grille.

At the rear, there is an oval motif which is common on Genesis vehicles. The rear spoiler curves down and meets the body, connecting with the textured black bumper to form a near-complete oval.

The dual strip light appears at the rear, with a Genesis wordmark in between the two strips.

There’s also a vertical dual-strip light in the centre of the bumper.

The car is finished in Magma orange, which Genesis says was inspired by Korea’s volcanos and the “emotion, passion and vibrancy of the nation’s culture.”

Inside, the carbon-fibre cabin has multiple soft touch points including the dashboard, centre tunnel as well as quilted and padded bolsters aimed at protecting the driver.

The digital screen stretches across the dash and serves as an information centre. It’s linked to a surround digital monitoring system “which provides unobstructed views of nearby vehicles”.

There’s a race bucket seat and a steering yoke to complete the race car look inside.

Steer-by-wire grip commands “allow for precise and decisive manoeuvring” to give the driver a “competitive edge”.

Players can add the X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept to their Gran Turismo garage in the January update by watching the Manufacturer’s Cup broadcast within the game.

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