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Planning a road trip? While there’s endless charm to exploring the world from behind the wheel, there are a few destinations Britons might want to avoid.

The expert team at have shared some of the world’s most dangerous roads for a road trip.

John Charnock, CEO of, said: “Severe winter weather can see these already dangerous roads turn even more deadly for drivers.

“We’re urging all motorists to proceed with extreme caution if attempting to drive on these roads, but given how the weather can quickly make things even worse, drivers should avoid them completely.”

So where are the world’s most dangerous roads?

Topping the list is the Coquihalla Highway in Canada which stretches between Vancouver and Edmonton.

John said: “Located in British Columbia, Canada, motorists travelling along this deadly highway throughout the winter should prepare for weather surprises such as heavy snowfall, storms and avalanches.

“Some drivers have to spend the night in their cars if the road is shut down due to extreme conditions.”

While the Zoji La Pass, an unpaved mountain pass in India, took second place on the list, the UK is actually home to the world’s third most dangerous road.

Snake Pass crosses the Pennines, offering the shortest route between Sheffield and Manchester.

John said: “Notorious for being one of Britain’s most dangerous roads, drivers along Snake Pass face even more hazards during the winter.

“The road has blind summits and hairpin bends, and heavy snow and landslides can force the road to close throughout the colder months.”

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