Jason Momoa’s ‘Deep Rising’ Wins Top Award at All Living Things Environment Film Festival 2023

Jason Momoa produced Deep Rising and director Luke Griswald-Tergis’ Pleistocene Park are the top winners at the All Living Things Environment Film Festival (ALT EFF). ALT EFF focuses on imperative topics of climate change and environment at large through the lens of cinema. The festival, which runs till 19 December, is screening over 60 films from 50 countries with shows in across 20 cities in India. Deep Rising, produced by Momoa and directed by Matthieu Rytz, won the best international feature, while the best of the festival award by the Habitat Trust went to Griswald-Tergis’ Pleistocene Park at an event here last evening. Jason Momoa Allegedly Showed Up Drunk on the Set of Aquaman 2 Dressed as Johnny Depp, Tried to Get Amber Heard Fired – Reports.

Deep Rising explores the growing interest in extracting seabed metals for the world’s energy needs and the ecological issues it might lead to. Pleistocene Park revolves around a Russian scientist and his son’s quest to recreate the ice age ecosystem in Siberia. In the Indian cinema category, Against the Tide, directed by Sarvnik Kaur and The Leopard’s Tribe, directed by Miriam Chandy Menacherry, emerged as best Indian features, captivating audiences with their compelling narratives and environmental messages. Against the Tide is set in the Koli community in Mumbai and revolves around two fishermen friends. While one continues to believe in the traditional fishing methods, his friend has embraced technology. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom: Footage Shown at CinemaCon Features Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry Having a Baby, Sees Atlantis Getting Attacked.

The Leopard’s Tribe documents the protests against the Aarey metro car shed project in Maharashtra. From Dreams to Dust, directed by Stephanie Tangkilisan and Muhammad Heri Fadli, won the best international short award. The film explores the dark side of green technology by focusing on the dangers of nickel mining, a chemical element needed for electric car batteries. No Water, No Village, Feeling the Apocalypse and The Egret River were other winners at the festival.

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